Advertising on Instagram: A Quick Guide

Advertising on Instagram: A Quick Guide

This is the age of technology, and anyone who refuses to use it wisely can expect losses in their accounts. With roughly one billion actives users every month, Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms right now. While this application might have started with just media sharing, today, it has progressed a lot past that stage.

The progress can be seen as this app is now used for marketing, advertising, and shopping purposes. Here, in this guide, is all that you need to know about Instagram advertising through Instagram likes and Instagram followers.

What is Advertising on Instagram?

If you are a newbie in the world of online marketing, you would probably like to know how Instagram followers or Instagram likes can affect sales. Instagram advertising is a method of marketing. By paying a specific amount, businesses and owners can boost their sales by getting sponsored content out on the feed of their Instagram followers and non-followers.

A perfect way to generate new leads and attain exposure, advertising on instream has proved to be quite beneficial. With millions of users spending at least 30 minutes on an average per day, marketers can now easily position their content in such a manner that it is promoted to the desired target markets.

Types of Instagram Advertising

The best thing about this application is that you can reach out to your Instagram followers and non-followers in a variety of ways. One application offers the user tons of methods to promote their product or business. Some most often used types of interarm ads are IGTV ads, story ads, photo/video ads, carousel ads, and even instream shopping ads.

With each method for advertising on Instagram, you have the opportunity to plug into call-to-action buttons as well. From tags such as “Install Now” and “Send Message” to more pushy ones such as “Order Now” has got it all.

Cost of Advertising on Instagram

Some Instagram ads work on the CPM (Cost Per Impressions) model, while others operate on the CPC (Cost Per Click) model. This is quite an effective way of advertising since Instagram is said to receive around $18.16 billion just from ad revenue.

Today, the ads are getting advanced, and so are the prices. However, it is crucial to note that the costs will depend on different factors. Cost effective altanative for this is buying Instagram followers or buying Instagram likes.

Tips for Advertising on Instagram

  • Understand what your customer base really desires. Figure out the pain points and try to offer solutions that would include them to check your business out.
  • Keep an eye on the content that you put out there for promotional purposes. With only 2,000 characters available for ads, make them count to connect with your customers.
  • Give your ads a story so that people don’t feel like they are getting scammed. This will land you Instagram likes and exposure.

All in all, advertising on Instagram is quite a beneficial decision in current times when this app is one of the most used applications worldwide.